CE Video Information

All registered neutrals are responsible for locating and completing annual continuing education. As a courtesy, GODR provides a number of online videos that may be watched free of charge. Each video may count toward the annual continuing education requirement for neutrals one time.

You will not receive a certificate for viewing, but you can report the self-study hours through your account on the

Georgia Courts Registrar

To qualify for credit

A completed Continuing Education Video Reporting Form (available below) must also be attached to each individual submission. Remember: you may only submit each video for credit one time. If you have previously submitted one of the below videos for credit, you will not receive credit for the same video again.

Note: This form is only to be used for reporting CE obtained from watching an online video. Use one form for each video watched.

Continuing Education Video Reporting Form:


Many of the videos are from the ADR Institute & Neutrals’ Conference, Co-hosted by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and the State Bar of Georgia’s Dispute Resolution Section. The ADR Institute is held annually in Atlanta. Neutrals are invited and encouraged to attend the conference, which generally takes place at the beginning of December.

Please Note: The ADR Institute videos are property of the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and are posted to this website with permission. Please visit ICLE  to purchase materials for personal use. All other video rights are of the individual proprietor; reproduction and unauthorized use is prohibited.