This page is a resource for trainers and training program providers.

The Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR) is in the middle of a 3-year process of moving all training processes to the Georgia Courts Registrar (GCR). Training programs are approved for a 3-year period; training providers are required to renew their pre-approval with GODR every three years. Renewal for general civil mediation trainings, occurring in 2018, was the first group of training programs to enter the system.

The renewal schedule for all categories is below; renewal will rotate in the same order- every three years – moving forward, unless otherwise noted.

Registration Category Renewal Year
General Civil Mediation 2021 | 2024
Non-binding Arbitration 2022 | 2025
Juvenile Delinquency Mediation 2022 | 2025
Juvenile Dependency Mediation 2022 | 2025
Domestic Relations Mediation 2023 | 2026
Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation 2021 | 2026
Early Neutral Evaluation N/A
Effective July 1, 2021, trainers are no longer required to report participants or remit payment for the training participant fee.

All available documents for training program providers are provided below. Updated and additional forms will become available as we continue to update our training program approval process.

Available Forms: