Adding a Category to Your Registration

You can add a category to your neutral registration at any time through your account in the Georgia Courts Registrar. Additionally, your completed training will fulfill your annual CE requirement for the given year.

Review requirements for the desired category to make sure you are able to meet each one. Click on each category below to learn about specific requirements. For a full explanation of requirements, including basic mediator competencies, please review Appendix B of our full GA Supreme Court ADR Rules.

  • 6 Hour training program which qualified for CLE credits
  • If conducting as a single arbitrator, that arbitrator must be a lawyer with 5 years experience
  • Exception is made for judges and persons with acceptable experience as an arbitrator, as approved at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee on Training and Credentials and the Executive Director of GODR
  • Lawyer with extensive subject matter expertise in the area of the litigation in question
  • 6 hour training course
  • Recommended: 28 hour general civil mediation training
  • 28 hour training course


  • 5 observations/co-mediations completed with a registered neutral


  • 12 hour practicum
  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college
  • 42 hour training course
  • 1 observation and 2 co-mediations completed with a registered neutral


  • 12 hour practicum
  • 14 hour training course
  • Letter of recommendation from ADR program administrator familiar with applicant’s work
  • 21 hour training course
  • 28 hour training course (if not registered in Domestic Relations category)


  • 21 hour training course (if already registered in Domestic Relations category)