Q: What is the registration fee or renewal fee?

A: The registration fee is $125; it is $150 for those registering in domestic relations mediation.  The registration fee pays for registration for up to one year, generally.  For example, for someone who registers in March 2014, the registration would be valid for the rest of 2014; registration renewal will be required by the end of 2014.  However, for someone who registers during the October-December grace period, the registration would be valid for the balance of that calendar year, plus an additional calendar year.  The fee for registration renewals is also $125, and $150 for those registered in domestic relations mediation.  Renewed registrations are valid for one year.  Late renewals will incur a late charge equal to the applicant's normal renewal fee.

There an additional fee of $25 to register in domestic relations mediation or to add domestic relations mediation to an existing registration.  There is no additional charge to add any other categories.

We recognize the enormous contributions of volunteer neutrals.  If you are a volunteer -- that is, you receive no compensation, no matter how small, providing ADR services within or outside a court program -- you and your court program director can submit a sworn affidavit with your renewal application to have your fee waived for each renewal season.  The affidavit is available for downloading during renewal season from the forms section of this website.  At present, there is no provision for our office to waive the registration or renewal fee due to financial hardship.

Registration is available online through our website.  An application checklist is posted there, as well.  For detailed registration requirements of neutrals, see Appendix B to the Georgia Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules.